Long phone chat with my Dr on Friday. She wants me back on my blood pressure medication. Also…..she wants me to stop switching diets every month. Yeah. I haven’t been feeling good mentally or physically since I changed diets Feb 1st. so she wants me to go back to what made me feel good and then we can take that variable out of the scenario of what is causing what. I have to stay consistent. I love Paleo. I keep coming back to it over and over. My inner voice is saying “Angela, just do Paleo”. And within Paleo itself there are many variations that I can play around with for mood, inflammation and weight-loss.

So after this weekend I’ll be back on Paleo. Goodbye dairy.

And I’m still doing yoga. Although I haven’t been doing it every day I’m still committed to do it on my days where Ella is at school and B is at work. Or as needed. I think I’ve done about about 5-6 hours of yoga so far this month. And I’m really enjoying it.

I’m hoping as part of my journey this year that I can form healthy habits that stick. To become consistent. For it to become easy.

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