Eating to improve mood

I thought for some reason that when this lockdown lifted and I could socialize again that I would be feeling oh so happy but I’m sad to report that I still feel blah and apathetic. I’ve been battling a major depressive episode for the last few years. Off and on. Mostly on. Not sure but maybe it’s back? Is it winter blues? Covid blues? I’m feeling antisocial and anxious. Irritable and emotional. Tired. I’ve been off my psychiatric medication since December. I have a virtual psych evaluation in March to discuss medication and my manic/depressive episodes.

February Art 🌈
I was trying out some new
watercolors & spray ink

Weighing on my mind: how am I going to fix my mood without prescription medications.

Moments (hours) where I feel off and my anxiety escalates I focus on doing something until it passes. Yoga, cleaning, art. Literally anything but letting myself fall into the rabbit hole.

I have a happy light for seasonal affective disorder do I need to start using it. It doesn’t work as well when you don’t turn it on.

Winter. I’m tired of you.

Today I washed and folded and put away all the laundry. I did an hour of yoga. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of yoga.

I wonder if my mood changes have anything to do with my diet. January I felt really good and February not so much. Is dairy making me sad? Lol. I haven’t been eating as many veggies. Or smoothies. I’m going to stock up on veggies tomorrow and try to shift the rest of my low carb month into a greener, cleaner version and see if that helps.

While doing a Google search about mood & good I found this source. Here is the chart. So for the next two weeks I’m going to focus my diet on low carb with an emphasis on eating food that improve mood.

And this:

So that’s my plan!

2 thoughts on “Eating to improve mood”

  1. Hang in there…it’s been a long winter ….not so much the weather but because of Covid and lockdown the walls are starting to close in! I sometimes just get a Starbucks roll the windows down a bit and go for a drive…. our art classes have really helped and I’ve upped my vitamin D which is suppose to help. I’m over weight since late 40’s which really bugs me as I graduated with a physical education degree was a competitive hockey player , ball and soccer but I have extreme wear and tear and knees are done so it hurts to be very active.
    I’m trying to eat one ingredient food but am struggling with my addiction to skittles, and other candies.
    Anyways just keep chatting and getting your emotions out….we are all struggling and it helps to know we are not alone….
    you are an amazing artist….
    All my best wishes….


    1. Thanks Jan! I’m definitely going a bit loopy being stuck at home so much. And having less to look forward to. I like to plan visits with people but that’s been impossible. Thanks for your support ❤️


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