Feb 12

New smoothie mix. I like all in one nutritional shakes. I love love love doTerra trim shake but it has to be ordered from the US so I switched to Vega and then they didn’t have any in stock so I ended up with this one. I added some frozen berries. Tastes the same as the Vega one, to me. Might be a bit chalkier but the taste is good. I haven’t been having my daily smoothie since Ella has gone back to school. Nobody saying “Mom, can you make me a smoothie” every 5 minutes until I actually make it.

I did one hour of yoga yesterday and 30 minutes Monday. Eating well and doing yoga is definitely improving my mood. I’m still lagging in energy though. I added some NAC, rhodiola and B12 yesterday to try and boost my energy levels.

How much yoga will I do today?

My favorite beach. Crystal Crescent beach in Nova Scotia. Atlantic ocean. I cannot wait to go back….. Probably not this year. We left Nova Scotia in 2015 and I’m desperately wanting to go back to visit friends and beaches. It was supposed to be summer of 2019, then 2020. This year looks like another write-off. Hopefully next year everything will be back to normal.

Will things EVER go back to normal?
Million dollar question.

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