A little meh

Well I’ve been feeling a bit meh. A bit off. For several days. I think it might be that my blood pressure is too low. Maybe. I’m going to call my dr tomorrow. I’m not sure if my at home monitor works that well but my wrist cuff and my Fitbit (knockoff) keep saying I have low blood pressure. I just feel really low energy and the ringing in my ears is much louder than normal. It happened once before. My blood pressure meds worked too well and I ended up in the ER. Between my diet changes, new supplements, and new Rx it’s possible. I’m going to skip my BP medication tonight. I thought maybe it was winter blahs or SAD. Or lockdown. I haven’t done yoga since Friday. Or my depression is back. Idk.

Anyway that’s where I’ve been. Just not feeling my normal self. Going to try to force myself to do yoga tomorrow. I’ve been eating low carb. No cheats other than my free day on Sunday.

I had my drive in town today to go to my foot appointment and do errands, groceries etc. I brought my nurse a piece of art! She does all my foot treatments and we chat through the whole thing. The staff are awesome 😊 anyway, she loved it and it made her day, and in turn made me feel good!!💓

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