Working on more art today 😊

Confession #1

I weighed myself today. I’m down 14 pounds since Jan 1st. Which is great. But I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself until Feb 28th.


I had a large diet coke today. I haven’t had one since December. I wanted one on my free day last weekend but the delivery person forgot to give it to me (and I paid $2 for that can! So annoying right?)

Dinner Greek chicken & Greek salad

Not sure if it’s the ozempic or just the food I’m eating but I don’t have much of an appetite lately. But I’m making sure I eat regularly. Just less. Ozempic IS supposed to curb appetite and slow down digestion so maybe it’s working. It’s also notorious for causing nausea and digestive issues which I have but not crazy bad.

I think I’m going to have a glass of wine tonight 🍷 I haven’t had any alcohol since idk maybe January 24th? I can’t remember ha!🤣😂

The best part of my week in lockdown was…… I did yoga every single day! Plus I shovelled snow for 30 minutes yesterday. Plus I made time to do art every day. Since non-essential stores are shut I used my chrismas giftcard and bought some new art supplies online last night…..

Happy Friday!!!😘

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