Virtual 5k

I signed up to do a virtual 5k. Which I plan to walk, not run. I’ve done two 5k walks before. Both to support lung cancer. One in Nova Scotia and one in Oklahoma City.

I don’t have any desire to be a runner. I’ll be happy just to be able to walk pain free lol. I used to walk everywhere all the time. It was my favorite mode of transportation. Walking and biking. I plan to start biking again this spring. I stopped biking and walking due to chronic pain. I really miss it. I actually miss going to the gym too. I never thought I would say that but it’s true. I loved going. I love working out. I love fitness classes. I love Zumba, yoga, barre. I love cardio. Aquafit. Ok I don’t love doing weights but I force myself because it’s so awesome for your body. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve stepped into a yoga studio or a gym. So I’m back to “baby steps”. But I’ll get there. When I lived in NY State I actually went to seniors aquafit classes. I was 39 lol. You’ve got to start somewhere 🤣😂

Gyms are closed right now due to Covid. I have a free gym membership through my husband’s work. So once they open….

We have the prettiest street to bike on. It follows the river and has a lot of trees. And it’s quite a long road. Almost 5k in length I think from end to end.

I miss the green!!!! And the warmth!

Today is day 4 of yoga!

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