Celebration day!

I made it! January is OVER!

Is it just me or did January feel like it lasted a really long time????

I completed my January challenge. 30 days of Paleo. I didn’t weigh myself for 30 days. I drank more water, ate more vegetables, got outside more. I read half a book. I meditated. I drank many healthy smoothies and took my supplements.

I ate potatoes, brownies, and drank wine.

And guess what?

I lost 12 pounds!!!! Woot woot! I am very happy. I had a piece of toast with peanut butter this morning. And one (just one!) piece of pizza tonight for dinner. Along with. Little bit of poutine. And a few chips. The leftovers will go to B. I did plan to have some wine but I never opened the bottle. Not sure if I will.

I’ll write more tomorrow.

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