I’ve made it almost two weeks without a drop of alcohol. During winter. And lockdown. And homeschooling/distance learning. I think I deserve an award. Lol. Haha, kidding. Kind of. So I’m rewarding myself with wine. Today, tomorrow, Sunday. Then I’ll go until Jan 31st without.

I definitely lose more weight when I don’t drink. But I do like a glass or two of red wine 🍷 or white. Or cider. Or margaritas 😂 At Christmas we made homemade Irish cream, which was super yummy.

Some alcohol is Paleo friendly. Like wine, hard cider, tequila.. anything without grains and sugar. I’m not a big drinker like I used to be. I definitely used to binge drink, and drink waaaay too much ,too often. Now I just like a tiny bit. Not enough to affect my sleep or make me sick or hungover. That might happen maybe once a year, maybe twice. One usually 750ml bottle, over a long weekend is my “normal”. I’m trying to be mindful about my alcohol consumption.

Plus alcohol is too expensive in Ontario. We were spoiled living in the US for 7 years where alcohol is ridiculously cheap.

a picture of a paleo margarita that I made last summer.
It was sooooooo good.
I don’t have the ingredients to make this right now, sadly. I think it was just lime juice, maple syrup and tequila. With ice, salt & limes.

Update: I only had one small glass last night. I woke up feeling nauseated. Could be the ozempic?

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