What am I eating?

One of my favorite snacks!

So, what am I eating these days?

Daily smoothies. Potatoes, vegetables. Fruit. Grilled chicken. Beef stew. Buffalo chicken dip. Eggs. Bacon. Walnuts. Almonds. Coconut. Maple syrup.

What am I NOT eating?

Dairy. Cheese! Gluten. Wheat. Most sugars. Processed foods. Take out. Fast food.

While I do miss cheese and bread and chips they are usually foods I have trouble eating in moderation. I feel more in control and healthy when I’m not eating them. Do I want to eliminate them forever? Of course not. Do I think I can have a healthy relationship with them? I don’t know. I’m hoping I can figure out how to.

Weight watchers is like AA for eating. I used to do very well attending meetings. I went weekly until covid took our in person meetings away. They never resumed so I got a refund on my remaining months. I may go back one-day. But probably not this year.

I’ve started thinking about my February challenge. I’m leaning towards Keto/low carb for 28 days. Along with 28 days of yoga. I miss cheese! Some of my favorite meals I can eat on both Paleo and Keto with some minor tweaks.

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