I’ve always wanted to own a pedal boat. Always!!! The first time I went in one I was 10 or 11. In Toronto, pedalling around the CN Tower on a little vacation with my Dad and brother. The next time was when I was 18. Pedalling around Dow’s Lake in Ottawa. Then at my ex’s cottage in Muskoka about 10 years later.

I used to flip Canadian Tire flyer pages open to pedal boats as hints of what I wanted for mother’s Day lol. But we didn’t live on water then. But now we do!!! I feel like I might capsize any boat right now so there’s that too.

Last year, as motivation, B said if I lost 50 lbs he would pay for half my pedal boat. And if I kept it off for a year he would pay for the other half. I literally just could not get my shit together last year soooooo no boat. But the offer still stands.

One-day you might be seeing me pedalling around on the river in my little boat 😃 and you will know how happy I am that this dream came true after all these years!

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