Day 15

Drinking my smoothie out of a wine glass #dailysmoothie

NSV—-> my pants feel looser!

I have not weighed myself since Jan 1st (or it might have been Dec 31, can’t remember!). Not weighing myself for each monthly challenge is definitely helping me not get derailed by a number on the scale. Instead I’m focusing on how I feel. So far I’m feeling a heck of a lot better mentally and physically. Seriously, it’s only been two weeks but I feel so.much.better!!! Even B has noticed that I’m way less irritable and angry. Lol. Poor him for having to put up with me sometimes.

My newest default for easy dinner is BREAKFAST! Bacon, eggs, roasted potatoes. With or without veggies depending. I’m eating waaaaaay more vegetables. Veg in my smoothies, veg as snacks, veggies with most meals. So if I skip them at one meal I’m not too worried. Not going to freak out like crazy Whole30 people do 🤣😂 just like I’m not going to freak out if a tiny bit of sugar ends up in my coffee or pasta sauce or whatever (see yesterdays post!). I’m not eating dessert. I’m not even eating anything after dinner. I’m just not snacking really. I like eating a pile of carrots, celery and ranch dip before dinner. Then dinner. Then just water in the evening.

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