I had a good day. The first good day in along time. It was a good day in our house. Finally.

My doctor calls me every two months to check in.. I cancelled a virtual psych appointment so we talked about WHY and about just postponing it instead of cancelling. Out of frustration I stopped taking my psychiatric medication in December. So we discussed that as well. I don’t really feel like getting into a long psych rant during this blog post do I’ll save it for another day.

PSA: don’t stop your medication without discussing it with your doctor.

We talked about my bloodwork. Last year she told me to try to manage my new diabetic diagnosis with food and lifestyle changes. I wasn’t successful.

So now I have to go on diabetes medication. #ozempic.

Do you take this medication or know anyone that does? Any thoughts? It’s meant to be taken along side healthy eating and lifestyle changes which I’m already doing. But I have never heard of this medication until today. It’s a once a week injection pen.

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