Sushi Roll

This is our newest sushi game. We started with sushi go, then added sushi go party, and now sushi ROLL!

No matter how bad our day was, we usually come together in the evening to play at least one game! It changes the mood and ends our day on a happy note. We have been collecting games for years, long before we had a kid, and have quite a stockpile.

Some of our favorites include: all the sushi go versions, taco cat goat cheese pizza (hilarious every single time), Machi Koro, killer bunnies, Sorry, Tea Dragon Society. Ella loves Cat-opoly. We have too many to list. It’s fun having a kid old enough to play games with. We own Wizard of Oz version of Game of Life (I bought in Kansas at the Wizard of Oz museum). Wasabi (fun but can get competitive. B once flipped the whole board over in anger lol).

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