Paleo Approach

I forgot I had these on my bookshelf!

Both excellent books. They reminded me I should take my supplements! So starting today I’m back on my omega3 and digestive enzymes. My belly and body have had a rough time adapting to all this healthy food. I might have a touch of “carb flu”.

These books also reminded me that there are several approaches to Paleo depending on your specific needs. Paleo is an excellent way to eat if you suffer from autoimmune disease, diabetes hormonal issues.

It’s also important to note that the Paleo diet is not a “weight-loss” diet but more of a weight normalizer. It would work for overweight, underweight, or goal weight. It helps you find the right weight for your body.

Paleo is naturally gluten free, grain free, and dairy free. It does allow potatoes (all types!), alcohol (some types, in moderation), as well as maple syrup & honey. It’s not as strict as whole30. Some people on a less strict Paleo allow a bit of dairy (I only allow butter), rice (I try to limit my rice to 1-2x week max), oats and fresh corn. My version of any plan or diet will probably never be perfect. But it’s a radical improvement over my regular eating so I call it a win.

progress not perfection ❤️

I’m on day 9 of 30. Almost 1/3 of the way. Thinking I might do Keto for February as I’m craving cheese and pizza 😋 lol.

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