And the winner is:

I started off thinking I would pick whole30 but I never intended to follow it exactly so I’ve decided to hold off and maybe try it another month. I did whole30 a couple of years ago and made it about 20 days. I lost 19 pounds in those 20 days and I always considered doing it again as a way to reset.

For the last two days I’ve been eating mostly whole30 but I’ve been allowing a teenie tiny bit of maple syrup in my coffee (I did switch to almond milk instead of creamer and I’m limiting my maple syrup to a teaspoon). I also haven’t worried about making sure my meals are plated according to whole30’s strict rules (protein, plated fat, plated fruit, and veggies). So after giving it some thought I’ve decided to go for a fairly strict Paleo diet for January. If I do whole30 at some point this year I’ll have to call it “almost 30” or “Whole29″😂

I started doing Paleo back in 2017 after I got really sick. Life changing sick. Still recovering kind of sick (more on that soon!) I stuck with Paleo off and on for almost 2 years. Primal (which is similar to Paleo) eating was recommended to me by my naturopath and Keto or Paleo were recommended by my functional psychiatrist. Both while we lived in Oklahoma.

What is Paleo?

It’s a hunter gatherer type of diet. Clean, whole foods, healthy foods, meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy fats. No restrictions on amounts. Preferably organic, free range, and pasture raised (this is what I did in Oklahoma! Not as easy in rural Ontario).

What can’t you eat on Paleo? Pretty much no refined or processed foods, gluten, grains, dairy. Nothing fake. Like diet coke (insert sad face). There are varying opinions on some topics, like rice! Red wine and dark chocolate are allowed in small amounts. And potatoes are allowed so YAY! I’m not sure if I will indulge in any alcohol or not. I’m hoping to keep January a dry month with no alcohol.

I have made a decision. I will only weigh myself at the beginning and end of each challenge. I won’t know how I’m doing weight wise until I’m done and I’ll be moving on to my next challenge at that point.

My goal for this month: detox from all the crap I’ve eaten during covid and the holidays. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink more herbal tea, especially at night when I’m craving more food. Stay away from alcohol.

What am I hoping for? Weight-loss, of course. Improved mood. I’d like to feel hopeful and optimistic at the end of the month for being successful and sticking to my plan.

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